7 Best Lightweight Outdoor Travel Essentials For Men

It is never easy to take on the road less travelled if you are unprepared. If the trip is long and arduous, you can browse through our lightweight travel essentials list for men before your next outdoor journey.

1.  Lightweight Backpack

Safety and durability are hard to find in a lightweight backpack, but there are a few reliable brands on the market that will meet all your outdoor needs.

Adidas and Nike manufacture some of the best bags for outdoor junkies, with various styles and plenty of storage space. Travel bags are designed with durable polyester fabrics, and some are lockable.

2.  Microfiber Towel

These lightweight towels should be in every adventurer’s backpack. They are super absorbent and can fold into a tiny pouch, making them incredibly easy to travel with.

Plus, it dries much quicker than a normal towel, making it convenient if you need to use them repeatedly. Rainleaf produces a budget-friendly microfiber towel that gets the job done.

3.  Camping Blanket

Whenever you head out into the wilderness, it’s always a good idea to carry a lightweight blanket in your pack. The camping blanket from Get Out Gear is puffy and folds up neatly after use.

If you are planning to sleep alongside a campfire, this is your best option. It is sold with a heavy-duty clasp that makes it easy to carry on a long and harrowing journey.

4.  Travel Size Toiletries

It is not always practical to travel with a huge bottle of body wash or a large electric razor if you are jet-setting. Make sure all your toiletries fit snugly inside a small bag.

Philips and Panasonic manufacture travel-size razors that still do the job without taking up much space in your toiletry bag. In addition, invest in travel pods that take just the right amount of shampoo, shaving cream, or body wash to get the job done.

5.  Folding Tool Set

A multi-purpose folding tool set should be on any travel essential list for men. You never know when a multi-purpose tool might come in handy, especially when you are heading into the wilderness.

A 7-in-1 kit should do the trick. Portable toolsets made from aluminium should be durable enough for any purpose without adding much weight to your bag.

6.  Small Camera

Pictures should be part of every journey, but if you need to take truly extraordinary pictures, your phone’s camera is just not right for the job.

Get yourself a Canon 6D, the flagship product weighs even less than previous models, and it’s perfect for syncing with your smartphone device.

7.  Lightweight Clothes

If you travel a lot, it might be a great idea to invest in suitable travelling clothes. Quality clothes made out of odour-resistant fabrics or wool might make the journey more comfortable for you and your fellow travellers.

Lightweight clothes like the Nano Puff Jacket by Patagonia might be expensive, but it’s warm and fits comfortably into most standard suitcases.

Travellers can still experience outdoor adventures while enjoying a few comforts along the way. You don’t need to think twice about adding these lightweight essentials to your luggage.

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