travel postcards

I’m Donald, a travel and adventure enthusiast. I enjoy traveling, adventure and exploring many parts of the world. I have travelled and understood the real meaning and essence of life.

Many people who don’t travel cannot understand and appreciated nature. There is nothing beautiful in this world than Mother Nature. She has a lot to offer. I have travelled and toured many places in South America such as the Machu pichu, Sao Paulo, Iguazu falls, Paraguay/Argentina/Brazil, Praia Vermelha in Rio de Janeiro, huacachina peru, Torres del Paine among others. Traveling and adventure have made me who I am today.

Having seen great sceneries, people, different cultures, wonders of the world among others. I have travelled to Africa too. It is such a beautiful place. I’d call it the green city under the sun. It was such a wonderful experience. I visited Kenya, places such as aberdare ranges and national park, the Great Rift Valley, mount Kenya safaris, mountain climbing, menengai crators, Thompson falls the Kenya Mombasa beach, Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania among other beautiful places.

I enjoy traveling because I’m able to meet different people and cultures. If you love traveling like me, that’s great, there are great places to visit. I came to realize that this world is great and was wonderfully created by a perfect creator. Adventure is the most fascination and fun thing to do. God is indeed great! Adventure is such an amazing experience. There is nothing that makes me so happy than traveling and exploring new places and meeting great people from all corners of the world. I have a great passion in traveling and adventure. It is the best thing you can do in this world. If you have the same thing and passion, try to figure out on the place or places you can travel, adventure and explore the world!