Adventure of Living Life


Flying halfway around the world to someplace I’d never been before was quite an adventure. A different culture, a different alphabet, foreign cuisine, unknown sights and sounds awaited me. Why don’t we bring more of that explorer spirit of curiosity with us in our daily life?


What would our life be like if we treated all of it as one big adventure, and not just leave that sense of wonder and excitement to the few weeks of the year when we may travel to some new destination? When set off for a travel adventure of some kind, it strikes me that there are some basic strategies that we naturally adopt. We don’t always use these strategies in how we approach our daily life, however.

On the off chance that you recollect and reflect for a bit, it’s truly no big surprise that standard travel has lost some of its allure. Correct, it could even be viewed as unsurprising and exhausting. The feeling of going someplace, or the feeling of adventure is woefully absent in this day and age of standard travel. Until adventure travel busted onto the scene couple of years back that is. With adventure travel, traveling can again accomplish that high that we try to desert our regular daily existences.




What do you want to see and experience?


Set a course and get prepared first: you need to decide where you want to go. Planning a trip or adventure requires you to consciously choose or select your destination. Once you have decided or made up your mind about where you want to go, you get prepared. You figure out how to get there, what kind of currency and immunisations you’ll need, what kind of clothing you need to bring.

Create an itinerary once the destination has been selected: most of us will come up with at least a rough game plan or itinerary. What do you want to see and experience? How long will you want to stay there? Even if it’s a rough idea, an itinerary provides the starting point and a rough structure for the adventure.


traveling world


Adventure travel lets people discover new things. Whether you are taking educational classes on-board your ship to learn about a new destination or participating in a new environment firsthand, you will see, do and learn things you never experienced before. In some cases, adventure travel might require that you step outside your comfort zone to take a chance on something new. Setting aside your worries and diving into adventure travel completely makes you more receptive to fresh experiences. You may even wind up enjoying it so much you start planning the next one right away.

Pack along our curiosity: an important ingredient of any adventure is a strong sense of curiosity. As you set off for parts unknown, you become an explorer, setting off to find out something new and wondrous. You don’t know what that experience will be like and permit yourself to relish that state of “not knowing.”



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