A hand-picked group of leading travel bloggers from around the world have toured and networked in Finland to help audiences find the country’s most interesting activities and food.

Australian travel blogger Shane Dallas, who has visited more than 90 countries and written about it on the Travel Camel blog, visited Finland during her virgin trip to Scandinavia in the winter. “The theme of my blog is adventure and ‘the road less traveled’, he says. “For Australians like me, Finland is actually an exotic country to visit”

“It was great to find a lot of snow, as I had expected, but what particularly surprised me in Lapland was that I remembered the Australian desert in a strange way, because one can enjoy a wonderful sense of place in solitude and silence, ” he said. say. Both areas are also traditionally inhabited by nomadic indigenous peoples, and Dallas was fascinated by the Sami people in the history of Lapland.

– Another unforgettable highlight for me was seeing the northern lights. I have already sent a few Northern Lights photos and many friends have replied that this is such an exciting experience that they added it as soon as your to-do list.

Globetrotting bloggers meet

Dallas was invited to Finland to participate in the Nordic Bloggers’ Experience (NBE) program as one of nearly 50 leading global travel bloggers whose blogs in various languages ​​reach an incredible 2.5 million followers a month. The bloggers chose travel experiences in Finland and collaborated with several Finnish visiting bloggers and tourism professionals at the Matka Nordic Tourism Fair in Helsinki, which is the largest event in Northern Europe.

NBE organizer Inna-Pirjetta Lahti says this annual system recognizes the rapidly growing importance of travel blogs and social media as channels for marketing tourist services and destinations. “Bringing these top bloggers here promotes Helsinki and Finland – and gives hundreds of Finnish and foreign travel exhibitors the opportunity to tell their stories internationally,” he says.

Memorable trips

Chinese Janne Zhu publishes a popular food and travel blog. Visiting bloggers in Finland have tasted local dishes such as reindeer steak and fried salmon in mushroom sauce.

– Northern Europe is not the first opportunity for Chinese tourists, but in my blog I will definitely highlight the great opportunities for adventure here, he says. – It was very exciting to see the northern lights in the beautiful Lapland landscape, and I also loved riding dogs on our husky safari.

Zhu adds that Chinese readers are certainly also interested in Scandinavian design with its sleek simplicity.

British-born blogging globetrotter Andy Higgs’ adult travel guide is for adult travelers looking for “backpacks” for both adventure and comfort. – Finland is a good destination in this way, he says. “I was especially surprised to find such excellent food here – Helsinki must be considered at the top, Copenhagen and Stockholm as a culinary center.”

Fast capacity

Other Finnish experiences that Higgs will show the followers of his blog are a sauna in the Finnish club association and then a dip in the ice hole. – Another big surprise was finding Finns who are warm and open when you break the ice – just like you have to break the ice to swim or fish here, he says and laughs.

Janicke Hansen from Norske Reiseblogger believes that Norwegians have not fully utilized Finland’s potential as a holiday destination. – My blog is for Norwegian tourists who usually want to be active, and there is a lot to do here, he says.

The highlights of Hansen Finland’s winter are a scenic snowshoe ride and a helicopter ride as well as a real Finnish sauna. His blog already has photos of a recent “rapids” trip where he floated on his back in a waterproof dry suit through the icy water of the raging Pajakka rapids in eastern Finland.


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