Top 16 travel blogs to Germany

Planning a trip to Germany? Travel blogs can help you succeed. Discover the best city guides to Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt. Stay in the best hotels and eat in the best restaurants. Find hidden destinations in Brandenburg, Bavaria and the Black Forest. Learn travel applications to avoid tourist gains. We have chosen the best travel blogs, so a visit to Germany is an adventure to remember!

Did you know that there are more bridges in Berlin than in Venice? According to Expatica, the German capital has changed seven times in recent history. German is the language with the most speakers in Europe and is known as the land of poets and thinkers, not to mention the greatest composers ever.

We have looked far and wide to give you the best travel blogs for your dream vacation in Germany. We hope you enjoy these blogs as much as we do and that they contribute to a wonderful holiday.

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Germany is Wunderbar

Shows the most beautiful destinations in Germany and inspiration chosen by two independent experts with unique experience in tourism and tourism in Germany. Germany at Wunderbar is distilled by the expertise of two well-known German travel enthusiasts, British and German. The first is a well-established writer, the second a communications consultant and a freelance journalist.

Traveling German

Edwina is a food addict, adventurous, traveling German. This blog tells stories of his travels. He wants to inspire people to go out and explore the world, near or far. Germany Travel is a blog full of travel resources, photos and travel tips in Germany. Travel style: unique, adventurous, luxurious, preferably by the water. Travel Germany has grown in popularity and offers incredibly valuable guides on how to travel around Germany.

My life in Germany

When Sindy was 24, she decided to quit her job in Hong Kong and move to Germany. Now she has a dream job, a dream house and a beautiful family in Germany. My life in Germany was founded with a vision to provide useful information and advice to everyone who has followed in his footsteps, such as learning German, dealing with the German bureaucracy, finding a job in Germany and more.


Audrey is a full time travel blogger, so she spends most of her time on the road. He has traveled extensively around Germany, including Berlin, Hamburg, Bebenhausen, Tuebingen and more. When he started his blog in 2010, he never expected this silence to become a full-time job. But by sharing compelling photos and unique travel experiences on topics from food and local drinks to museums and traditions, That Backpacker has grown in popularity and offers incredibly valuable guides for traveling around Germany.

Adams travels

Adam is based in Berlin, Germany, but as a travel writer, Adam travels regularly. In addition to writing and managing his popular travel blog, Adam also works with Eating Europe Tours on their online marketing. Adam’s travels began in 2009 in preparation for the planned intermission, and he wanted to be productive during the journey by sharing his experiences.

Destination Germany

On behalf of the German Federal Government, GNTB has been working internationally for more than 60 years to promote Germany as a destination. It conveys the country’s diverse appeal in the global market and promotes a strong and attractive brand: Destination Germany.

My God, my wife is German

Obi G.Macaroni (or “OGM” as he prefers) started Oh God, my wife is German in 2011 when she started making lists and notes of all the good things his German wife did or said. When they shared some of these quotes or expressions with their friends, they found that they were not so much in jokes as in large pieces of humor with wide appeal. This blog is full of great insider information about German people and culture. While not necessarily a “travel guide”, anyone preparing for a trip to Germany can learn a lot about people and social memes by writing OGM!


From shopping to attractions and from breakfast to dinner – this blog shows you how to spend the perfect day in Hamburg. This guide in Hamburg is truly “final”, and for anyone planning to land in the city, this is a must have resource!

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