The island jumps to El Nido

How to get there

The best way to get to El Nido, especially with travel restrictions, is by direct flight. Daily flights are available from Manila, Cebu and Clark. You can visit Air-Swift and book a flight through them – they are the only airlines operating El Nido.

Another popular option is to fly to Puerto Princesa and take a bus for 4 hours from there. This is not as bad as it sounds! Flights are much cheaper and the trip is both scenic and pleasant as the road is actually in very good condition.

If you decide to arrive via Puerto Princesa, you must book your van in advance. With a pandemic, it is not security at all today. The best way to do that is to ask your resort in El Nido to help you with that.

How to book excursions

As mentioned above, there are still some local tour operators that offer and even offer customized tours. But in any way that happens at the moment, it is safest to book these excursions through the hotel.

Most of the mid-range or luxury resorts in or around El Nido offer guests both private and group travel. Although this is not the case, they are happy to help you set up your device. Of course, it’s a little more expensive this way, but it’s not worth going all the way to El Nido and then looking for someone who can take a ride.

If you are feeling adventurous or want to save extra money, it is really important to walk the main road next to Las Cabanas Beach. There are many tour operators out there, some of whom are still open and happy to help – just go to their office and ask for a quote.

The Nido Island Spring Route

So now you already know that El Nido has four main options for springboarding. We will now describe them all in more detail and hopefully help you choose the one that works best for you!

It is important to note that all of these excursions run at the same time (starting at 8.30am and returning to the city at 4.30pm) and all are available as a group or private tour with a bangka. If you want to combine 2 trips in one day, you must book a private speedboat, otherwise you can not visit everywhere in time.

The island jumps to El Nido A.

Island Hopping A is by far the most popular as it takes you to the most famous and iconic lagoons in El Nido. However, it is important to note that due to changes in local regulations, you can no longer visit both small and large lagoons to avoid congestion. If you book a private tour, choose. Otherwise, the wizard selects the group based on availability.

The island jumps to El Nido B.

Tour B was originally designed for people who want to avoid swarms of lagoons. With a pandemic and government limiting the daily visits to each lagoon, this is no longer an issue.

Still, Island Jumping Tour B is a great choice if you want to see the more private and more exotic side of El Nido. This mainly focuses on snorkeling spots, so it can be a great addition to one of your more regular trips the other day.

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