Best time to visit Kargil and Kargil Weer

Located in Ladakh, Kargil is a home name in India. If you are planning a visit to the site and wonder what the best time is to visit Kargil, you can read more to find out all about the weather in Kargil in different seasons, the best time to visit Kargil, Kargil Travel Tips and much more more.

Best time to visit Kargil Best season to visit Kargil Kargil Weather

If you are looking for the best time to visit Kargil or the best season to visit Kargil, it is likely that the results that emerge will tell you that the best time to visit Kargil is during the summer months. But nothing can be further from the truth, Kargil is a destination you can visit all year round. Depending on the time you visit, Kargil actually presents a different but equally beautiful place.

Best time to visit Kargil

Open the Kargil Travel Guide, online or offline, or do a Google search. All projects in Kargil are a destination you can only reach during the summer months. This travel blog post about the best time to visit Kargil is dispelling all these myths that summer is the best season to visit Kargil. Read more about why Kargil is actually a destination for all kinds of weather.

About Kargil – The best time to visit Kargil

The Kargil region is located in the Ladakh Union of India. It covers an area of ​​approx. 14,036 square kilometers and has a population of approx. 1,40,902 since the last 2011 census. The Kargil region is further divided into the departments of Drass, Zanskar, Sanko and Shakar-Chiktan. the shifts are divided into their man-made arms. Kargil’s height is approx. 2676 meters.

The city of Kargil is located in the center of the Sargu Valley along with Lehi and is the common capital of the Ladakh Union region. The city of Kargil is almost as far from Leh and Srinagar. It is about 204 kilometers from Srinagar and 217 kilometers from Lehi.

Best travel time Kargil – Kargil in winter Kargil Weather

Kargil becomes Talvimaa during the winter months. Kargil’s temperatures drop to below zero and there is snow. In fact, the Drarg Kargil region is the coldest inhabited place in India and the second coldest inhabited place in the world. The winter season in Kargil is between October and February and the snow rains heavily, the temperatures in Kargil can vary from -5 to -20 degrees. Drass sees the temperature continue to fall.

Ladakh Tourism has developed and promoted Kargil as a winter destination. It has a world-class ski slope called Linkipal ski slopes and encourages skiing and other winter sports including hockey and snowball. If you like snow and a lot, Kargil is the best place for a snow adventure. Of course you have to be prepared for the weather in Kargil in winter with lots of winter clothes and protective layers of warm clothes. Watch this video and you will know why Kargil is a beautiful winter destination.

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