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Adventure is beyond exploration because you learn different things and culture from different people.


When I toured Africa, I had every reason to learn more. People are so welcoming and great. There are great national packs, lakes, wild animals, and great people among others. Adventure gave me an opportunity to explore and learn new things. I have traveled many parts of the world and I have learnt to appreciate travel and adventure. You have everything to gain.

Instead of feeling like an explorer, we at times start to feel jaded or “worn down by life.” Instead of surrendering to what happens, we tend to cling to what we know from our experience, fearful of what the future might bring. We take things that happen to us very personally — the fact that your child is starting to flunk science must mean that you’re a bad parent; the fact that you and your spouse had yet another fight about your mother-in- law must mean your marriage is on the rocks.

An invitation to adventure: It’s a season of rejuvenation and renewal, so why not make a choice to live with that sense of curiosity and discovery? A standoff with your rebellious teenager could be seen as a new village you haven’t seen before. A failed relationship becomes an opportunity to explore a new part of the jungle you didn’t see on the map you’d been using. As spring has now sprung, I invite all of you to bring some of that adventurous spirit of discovery into your daily life.


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Try out these activities to connect with your fearless explorer!

Become the explorer of your life: Ready to bring a new sense of adventure into your life? Try out these activities to connect with your fearless explorer!


• Remember a time when you had a real “adventure” – it could be a vacation somewhere, or an unexpected experience you had. How did it make you feel? Take 5-10 minutes to reflect on that experience and write a very evocative description of it. What were the three strongest feelings you had during and after that adventure?

• If you want to live with that explorer’s sense of curiosity or perhaps there’s a picture of a world-class sailor creating a massive wave that inspires you. Post your motto or image up so you’ll see it often to remind you that you’re living your life as an adventure!


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• Check your life schedule – do you have one? Have you got an unmistakable picture of where you need to run with your life? Set aside some tranquil opportunity to yourself to audit the significant aspects of your life – individual wellbeing; family; vocation; relationship; accounts; otherworldly; group; imaginative expression. Set one energizing objective for yourself for every region and a due date for accomplishing it.

• Identify what assets you as of now need to help you with that objective, for example, your instructive foundation, your background, individuals you realize that could help you. At that point distinguish what assets you may need to discover. For instance, do you have to discover a course, perused a book, discover a care group or mentor? This week, make one solid stride towards accomplishing your objective in no less than two noteworthy aspects of your life.


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